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Pooch Collection Return Policy

Finding the Right Fit for Your Pet
Wondering which size would be perfect for your furry friend? Just hop over to the size chart on the product details page – it's like a tailor-made guide for each product's sizing. Got more questions? Don't hesitate to shoot us a message at Pretty please, take a moment to measure your pet before hitting that buy button. Remember, our Pooch collection is like a rare gem, offering only one size per design!

Customization Quirks
We totally get your creative vibes, but unfortunately, our Pet Walking Sets can't be customized.

Change of Plans? Cancellation 101
Life happens, we get it. If you need to cancel your online order, you've got a 24-hour window to do so. Just drop us an email at, and we'll sort it out.

Pooch Collection — The Untouchable Gems:
Just a heads-up, our Paw Parade collection is like that treasured keepsake – once it's yours, it's yours for good. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns.

When Oopsies Happen — Dealing with Damaged Goods
We're like hawk-eyed guardians over here, making sure no damaged goods slip through. But, if the unthinkable happens during transit and your order arrives a bit worse for wear, give us a shout within 24 hours of receiving the package at – we'll make things right!

Exceptions to Returns and Exchanges — Let's Keep it Fair
So, a few ground rules for returns and exchanges (only applicable if your order was damaged during transit)– we won't be able to accept it if:

  • You decide to make the request after 5 business days from getting your order – time flies!
  • The product has partied a bit too hard and shows signs of use or alteration.
  • Your pet's superpowers somehow damage the product – we're not covering cape-related incidents, unfortunately.
  • You want to send back the goods without the original packaging jazz, including price tags, labels, and all the bells and whistles, or if the packaging took a beating.
  • Snagged a sweet deal on a discounted item? High five! But, just so you know, these goodies don't jive with our return/exchange party.