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Cocktail Club set of scented soy candles

  • Rs. 1,439.00
  • Rs. 1,599.00

The Cocktail Club set is inspired by jazz, speakeasies and our favourite cocktails. Set of 4 fragrances that are prefect addition to your bar or cocktail party

Old Fashioned: Vanilla & Neroli
Moscow Mule: Vanilla
French 75: Lily, Vanilla, Strawberry
Negroni: Cedar & Neroli

Candle gift boxes that make for a go-to gifting option for all occasions. These candles aren’t just soothing but also make for gorgeous home-decor additions.

Our soy candles are 100% all natural, and eco friendly, soy candles burn slower than paraffin wax. Due to its formulation, it is also excellent at holding and retaining fragrance.

Per candle weight 70 grams