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Secret Garden Wellness Set

  • Rs. 2,399.00

Introducing our Wellness Kit, the perfect package to help you prioritize self-care and wellbeing. This kit includes two essential items to help you create a calming and relaxing environment, and to promote mindfulness and self-reflection. First, our personalized Wellness Journal is tailored to your unique needs and goals. To complement your journaling practice, our soy wax scented candle creates a soothing and peaceful ambiance. 

Personalise the journal with your name!

Candle Veer into secret garden. An artistic impression of aromatic notes that capture the soul of a garden. Illuminated by the scent of neroli and flowers in bloom

Journal Size: A5 5.83" x 8.27" | Paper Quality: 80 gsm | Number of pages: 72 leaves (144 front & back) Undated Monthly view, Ruled Pages (please view product images) 

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